Colby Meals


Legacy Point Realty

115 E Main Street, Whitesboro, TX 76273

Broker and Owner

Born and bred in Whitesboro, Colby Meals is a true Texan both at heart and in business. As the Broker and Owner of Legacy Point Realty, Colby is dedicated to serving the communities he lives in and around. Colby’s love for the small town feel where people know who you are, who your parents are, and who your grandparents are, as well as the slightly slower pace and deeper connections is evident in the way he lives and in the way he conducts each business transaction. 

Colby and his wife, Rebecca, opened Legacy Point Realty in July 2017. At Legacy Point Realty, Colby and his team consider it their mission to empower their clients to make financially sound and personally rewarding real estate decisions that help them create a meaningful legacy for themselves and future generations. They accomplish this mission by leading lives based on honesty, integrity, commitment, and service to their faith, families, communities, and clients. Colby and his team are also committed to four core values: advocacy, service, credibility, and convenience. Advocacy is achieved through strong negotiating and marketing skills, which result in feelings of trust and security. Service results in the client feeling important and being valued. Credibility in the market stems from expertise and knowledge of the local real estate market. Convenience results in feelings of comfort, which adds to an ease of doing business.

Prior to opening Legacy Point, Colby worked in upper management at Wal-Mart for more than seven years, overseeing more than 350 employees and playing crucial roles in both the remodeling of two locations as well as the opening of several new stores. He was recruited by Ashley Furniture HomeStores to be their Regional Vice President over Eastern New Mexico and West Texas. In this position, he was able to analyze, create, and implement new sales strategies to help the company realize multi-million dollar sales increases over a two-year period. After leaving Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Colby decided it was time to invest in real estate. 

Colby never envisioned selling real estate. But after several agents failed to show up for scheduled appointments, he decided to become a licensed Realtor. The news quickly spread to his friends and family, and Colby began to grow a real estate business based on the level of service that he himself expected to receive. 

At the core of his business is the recognition and appreciation that no two clients are alike. Colby provides a wide range of levels of service, tailored to the needs and desires of each individual client. Colby genuinely enjoys getting to know each client on a personal level and learning about their diverse backgrounds and experiences. He feels that truly understanding a client’s needs, wants, and desires is paramount to a successful and enjoyable experience. When negotiating, Colby fights hard on his clients’ behalf, completely dedicated to securing the best possible deal in the largest financial decision that his clients will most likely ever make. No matter the sales price, Colby brings aggressive negotiation skills to the table and gives his all each and every time. This is the level of service you can rely on with Colby and at Legacy Point Realty. 

Colby currently focuses his expertise in the North Texas area, specifically Grayson, Cooke, northern Denton, and northern Collin Counties. He would love to speak with you one-on-one, ensuring you get the sense of confidence and credibility he is known for providing. Contact Colby today at 903.818.6452.



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